Movie Review: Fair Love (2009) – Korean Movie

fair love poster

Fair Love is one of those ‘love has no boundaries’ types of movies. It falls closer to a lighthearted drama-romance than serious. With its light tone, it manages to capture the human connection and interaction elements of a relationship instead of just being a romantic love fest. You could probably say its more about ‘the idea of love’ rather than ‘being in love’.

Full synopsis (spoiler)

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In depicting that ‘love’ is indifferent to things like age (as you can guess from the movie posters), I think its a great movie for all ages. It also has thematic bits of personal journey and growth. As a whole, I enjoyed it from start to finish because of the progression of the character’s friendship/relationship — and themselves individually. This must be due to two things that go hand-in-hand: great acting / great characters — together that translates to a great story and chemistry on-screen.

“A middle aged man and a young college student fall into an unstoppable…” (IMDb)

^ This trailer does the movie no justice. It makes it look like a minor-comedy, which it really isn’t. There are some small comedic elements, mostly comic relief from minor/side characters. And as a drama-romance, the movie isn’t too much of either. The weight of the movie truly is in depicting a (fair) love. The music video below sets the tone of the movie better.

fair love

Directed by Shin Yeon-Sik

Cast: Ahn Sung-Kee // Lee Ha-Na

Reviews: Beyond Hollywood // Variety

aparoo’s words: drama, romance, love, relationship, friendship, connection

aparoo says: a fair rating of 5/5

Another great ‘love-is-ageless’ K-movie is Hello, Schoolgirl which is more of a comedy

Movie Review: Katyn (2007) – Polish Movie

KATYN poster

Finally diving into Polish cinema, I thought I would start off by watching one of the country’s most acclaimed films from one the country’s best directors. Andrzej Wajda‘s 2007 Best Foreign Language Film nominee KATYN is a powerful wartime-historical-drama  about the infamous Katyn massacre. For me, the film held similar emotion and significance as Defiance (2008) and Schindler’s List (1993).

katyn 5

The film managed a solid plot line and pace without undermining the tragic story. Likewise, I feel that it held its integrity in dealing with specific WW2 content, much of which was quite morbid, unjust and inhumane. KATYN, is a film that overcomes the controversies and politics that covered up a massacre for 50 years and tells the world that the Polish people have continued to live.

Plot Summary

“An examination of the Soviet slaughter of thousands of Polish officers and citizens in the Katyn forest in 1940. ” (IMDb)

katyn 2

The Katyn massacre is a topic I was ignorant to until coming across this film. I probably spent equal time (to the film’s duration) on Google/  Wikipedia reading details of the massacre and surrounding events before I finally hit the play button. I think the film holds its weight in context to both  the educated and uneducated viewers. Social Studies/ History was one of my favourite subjects throughout high school because I’m a firm believer in finding your own facts, searching for your own answers and uncovering your own truths in life.

katyn 3

Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes // The Guardian //  ITP World //

Articles: Film/ Director background // NY Books

Did you know: the film was based on a book

Did you know: the film was personal for the director because his father was a victim

aparoo’s words: history, war, world war II, drama, memorial, massacre, propaganda, Soviets, Nazi-Germany, Poland, occupation, freedom, injustice

katyn 4

aparoo says: 5/5

Stream: YouTube (720p HD)

Femme Feature: American Horror Story (TV) — Kate Mara

kate mara ahs

Whether she’s your assistant or psychotic mistress, she’s hot. I’ve been following one of this fall’s biggest hits, American Horror Story (FX), and Kate Mara is stealing the show! Notice how her screen-time has gradually increased? I also happened to re-watch Entourage season 6 this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised when I remembered that it was the season that she is introduced into the show.

kate mara entourage

So who is E’s hottest assistant? More pics of Kate @ Battle of the Assistants: “Entourage” style


kate mara ahs premiere fx


aparoo says, yes I dig her sometimes lazy eye — reminds me of Lucy Liu

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Kate Mara pic in Esquire