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Sex is Zero is the “outrageous sex-comedy” equivalent of American Pie. Actually this one is also largely a romance-comedy with a little Korean dramatic flare. The sexual humor, and humor of the movie in general, is funny and entertaining (and sometimes “too much” to watch, lol). This movie has a sequel to go along with it, Sex is Zero 2 (2007), which is one big difference from its counterpart American Pie (the huge franchise).

“The plot follows the story of college student Eun-shik and his efforts to impress a Junior student Eun-hyo. Eun-shik has a habit of finding himself in somewhat awkward situations that often embarrass him and sabotage his attempts to impress Eun-hyo.” (Wiki)

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Its rated 18+ for a reason, its pretty explicit in language and subject matter; scenes of sex, masturbation, pregnancy, courtship etc — so you’ve been advised as a viewer. And really, its not “all about” sex. Typical of Korean cinema, there is “much more” to the story and movie, it just so happens to be told as a comedy — and is one hell of a funny one at that. The dramatic flare that I mentioned is a prevailing undertone to the story and does pull on emotions as it plays with some serious “stuff”. No spoilers here folks.

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Starring: Lim Chang Jung // Ha Ji-Won // Jung Min // Jin Jae-Yeong
Directed/ written by: Yun Je-Gyun

aparoo’s words: sex, comedy, romance, drama, funny & serious, immature, young adults

aparoo says 5/5

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Back Door (Poem)

Silent knocks at the door
Wake a sleeping snore
Soft steps on the floor
In what yesterday wore
Its already quarter to four
Time to let in the whore

Tonight is the same as before
Guilty pleasure washes ashore
Choices create a new war
Both sides not to ignore
Instead they fight more
With less options to explore

Jackets once new tore
Each strike adds score
From conflict to gore
Some cannot anymore
No birds left to soar
What comes postwar

A small chance to restore
Once claimed by carnivore
Now on knees to implore
To re-establish chore
New light from the core
Shines on the back door

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