Movie Review: Goodbye, Mr. Cool (2001) – Hong Kong Movie

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Ekin Cheng as a triad, must be a Young & Dangerous movie right? Wrong. Although this was somehow included in my Y&D box set (original series + spin offs), Goodbye, Mr. Cool is not a Y&D spin off and only related to the series because it’s in the triad genre. The cool thing is that his character in this movie, Dragon, is an easy sell as an extension of his infamous Chan Ho Nam character in Y&D, so in that right I’ll call it an indirect spinerama-off.

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Plus, a bunch of Y&D cast in another triad movies doesn’t leave many possible conclusions to draw on. But NO, this movie is really nothing compared to Andrew Lau‘s cult favourite in Y&D. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a Y&D or triad rip-off, just another triad movie (for better or worse). Whether you’re stuck comparing it with Y&D or not, you will make note of the flashy style, overwriting and underwhelming melodrama. The story or should I say themes that follow Ekin’s character along are evident and quite pleasant, they just don’t pull the trigger and fall short.

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Goodbye, Mr. Cool follows the standard gangster formula of an ex-gangster trying to make a new life for their self and being swayed back towards the underworld. This movie does add a few more layers like the force of his ex-girlfriend, a potential love interest and the son he never knew. Everything builds up quite nicely but seems to unravel a bit as it’s all supposed to come together. Maybe less really is more. All in all, it’s an enjoyable good/evil, redemption, second chance, triad movie.

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Lee Choi-Wah

Cast: Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin, Karen Mok Man-Wai, Rain Li Choi-Wah, Stephanie Che Yuen-Yuen, Jackie Lui Chung-Yin, Chapman To Man-Chat, Lam Suet

Director: Jingle Ma Chor-Sing

aparoo’s words: triad, gangster, underworld, second chance, new life, redemption, start-over, past

aparoo says 3/5

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Outlook (Poem)


Genuine talk falls on deaf ears
Words jumble indiscriminately
Voice becomes silent whispers
Sad weeps cry from deep inside

Feverish spikes of inner hostility
Bitterness rots the core by strife
Pollution spreads like a disease
Rabid dogs run wild and mad

Paradise conceives from drugs
Judgement clouds and vision blurs
Delusion creates a mirage of sight
Blind men roam through the desert

Dragon tattoos come to life
Skin itches from wacky voodoo
Inner beasts rise to the surface
Shivers shock consciousness

Even sorrow runs to stand still
As keen spawns swim upstream
As doors freely swing wide open
Towards upside down waterfalls

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House of Cards (Poem)

House of Cards

Building blocks disassembled
Starting back at the beginning
Digging deep, piece by piece
Uncovering shards of survival
Certainty caved all the way in
Collapsed like a house of cards

Upside down pyramids stood
Inverted structure falsely held
Forgone integrity for shortcuts
Half-assed, with faulty lines
Leaky condos built up tall
Vancouver rains year-round

Effort lacked even in substance
Motivated by wrongful doing
The wrong reasons are easy
Truth is the rarest word told
Set-up for failure, from go
Foundations lay unstable

Rotten down from the roots
Apple’s core long dead
Inferior gas fills the tank
Mileage gained, at cost
Backbone to belief is lost
Built upon a fake reality

Illustration credit: pandekage
Copyright © amarmirch |