House of Cards (Poem)

House of Cards

Building blocks disassembled
Starting back at the beginning
Digging deep, piece by piece
Uncovering shards of survival
Certainty caved all the way in
Collapsed like a house of cards

Upside down pyramids stood
Inverted structure falsely held
Forgone integrity for shortcuts
Half-assed, with faulty lines
Leaky condos built up tall
Vancouver rains year-round

Effort lacked even in substance
Motivated by wrongful doing
The wrong reasons are easy
Truth is the rarest word told
Set-up for failure, from go
Foundations lay unstable

Rotten down from the roots
Apple’s core long dead
Inferior gas fills the tank
Mileage gained, at cost
Backbone to belief is lost
Built upon a fake reality

Illustration credit: pandekage
Copyright © amarmirch |