The Following (FOX) – Series Premiere Trailer


The Following seems like it would be a better fit on FX alongside American Horror Story rather than all alone FOX. It’s graphic in violence and blood with an obvious hope to ‘follow’ in the popularity-footsteps of The Walking Dead (AMC) or Dexter (Showtime). Kevin Bacon leads the great looking cast which includes James Purefoy and Canadian-actor Shawn Ashmore. Will this crime-drama full of gore and thrills be the next sub-genre series to burst into mainstream fandom? Will it get a fair chance and benefit the network’s line-up? Or is it unsuited? I guess I’ll have to follow it to see.

“A brilliant and charismatic, yet psychotic serial killer communicates with other active serial killers and activates a cult of believers following his every command.” (IMDb)

The Following – preview (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Following premieres January 21st 2013 on FOX.

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Femme Feature: American Horror Story (TV) — Kate Mara

kate mara ahs

Whether she’s your assistant or psychotic mistress, she’s hot. I’ve been following one of this fall’s biggest hits, American Horror Story (FX), and Kate Mara is stealing the show! Notice how her screen-time has gradually increased? I also happened to re-watch Entourage season 6 this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised when I remembered that it was the season that she is introduced into the show.

kate mara entourage

So who is E’s hottest assistant? More pics of Kate @ Battle of the Assistants: “Entourage” style


kate mara ahs premiere fx


aparoo says, yes I dig her sometimes lazy eye — reminds me of Lucy Liu

kate mara 1

Kate Mara pic in Esquire