Jump (Poem)


Off a cliff, in what they call ‘the chair of death’
A knife to the thread holding life in its hands
Staggering atop the peak of highest lands
Calm before the storm, as the air dries up
Hands are invisibly tied and tucked away

Man overboard in one swift motion of sweep
Understated gives way to whole ignorance
Trivial in how unprepared for the coming
Fallen to momentum, propelling through
Diving, gliding, jumping, faith in leaps

Beauty in every direction, as far as directed
Skies felt on fingertips and humane gush
Numb in the mind but never succumb to
Clouded trails left behind in a secret spiral
Flying is easier than walking one more step

Uncontrolled yells of great joy echo afar
The world is touching every ounce full
Wholehearted and undeniable freedom
Free at long last as life is passing by fast
No define moments to account memory

Downward could have come and gone already
The blink of an eye would deny fruitful fate
Shave off years the bark has held until now
The cliff laughs behind the back of God
Jump so the bungee cord can go back up

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com

Burden (Poem)


Solitude is suffering
Which brings new pain
Never understood before
So reflecting is useless

The chaos of vengeance
It’s a new beginning
Because fate is fickle
And acts like a bitch

It brings a darker darkness
And unhinges all bond
At a sharp knifepoint
Because death is fair game

So enemies start to fall
One after the other
On a stage set for justice
Which tells its own story

A great burden inflates
Consciousness weighs down
Decisions to make
As mysteries surround

With an assault on reality
Beliefs soon shatter
With no place to return
As the guilt sinks in

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com

Stupefy (Poem)


Another inhale
of unknown ingredients
which enforce an addiction
as they attach to you

Like another sip
of an intoxicating concoction
from an old speakeasy
which only serves you

Smooth and powerful,
it goes straight down
into the very depths
of where it is most desired

Fuel to the numbness,
lost somewhere in-between
being careless and carefree
is a paralysis

The next thought comes
and is on the borderline
of ingenuity and insanity
which are the same to you

An impressionable mind
is far from impressed
as it is stuck in purgatory
and rots in bleak reality

Copyright © amarmirch | aparoo.com