Our Summer in Provence (Avis de mistral) (2014)

avis de mistral

Our Summer in Provence is a clash of generations story told as a light family drama led by Jean Reno as the grumpy grandfather. Three Parisian kids spend the summer with their country-folk grandparents in the melting pot region of Camargue, Provence in southeast France. There are perpetual stereotypes, textbook feel-good moments, and overzealous themes on a silver platter. The film also dips into various pools of plot lines like sex or alcoholism and tends to dabble when it comes the core story. The story instead fills with cliche like a biker gang, drug dealer boyfriend and town cougar. The soundtrack becomes off putting as the film isn’t nearly aligned; it is aimless. It is entertaining as a family dramedy movie though as it offers a rustic setting and a variety of characters.

Ray Donovan (Showtime) – Season 2 Preview


Showtime’s hit crime drama series Ray Donovan is back for a second season with Liev Schrieber and Jon Voight leading the charge. Ray Donovan is very character and conflict driven, charged with human emotion and shades of grey. The thrilling ride comes from the underworld and family feud drama wrapped up in a cat and mouse game.

Season 2 appears to dwell deeper into a complex criminal plot and it’s characters. Season 1 started with a slow and steady pace to build the foundation, now with Ray Donovan’s environment fully ironed out the strides are sure to increase. A dangerous battle for control can only lead to a train wreck, right? This season promises an evolving drama, new characters, different angles and definitely more struggle for Ray Donovan — our conflicted and morally-stunted “bad” guy.

“Do you have it all under control, Raymond?”

“Ray Donovan, a professional “fixer” for the rich and famous in LA, can make anyone’s problems disappear except those created by his own family.” (IMDb)

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Shameless (Showtime) – Season 3 Trailer


The American remake of the infamous British dramedy, Shameless (UK), is back for it’s third season on Showtime. That means everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family is back; the Gallagher family. Shameless (US) has a special ability to make fun and make serious almost simultaneously as it touches on alcoholism, poverty and issues in society. It may force you to reflect on yourself, your family, and others around you — for better or shame. Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy head up an interesting family and cast of characters.

“They’re just a family trying to live the American dream one scheme at a time. Shameless returns January 13th at 9PM ET/PT.” (Showtime)