Code Blue (2008) – Japanese Drama (J-drama) – Review

code blue season 1

Think of Code Blue as a cross between E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy for its medical dramatics and character (doctor & patient) stories. But in this case the character stories and romantics are not overly dramatic (like in Grey’s). Another comparison would be to Trauma (which I think tried to copy Code Blue) for the plot concept of ‘helicopter doctors’ and medical response.

I thought ‘not overly dramatic’ would be a good thing but maybe it wasn’t dramatic enough — kinda dry honestly. Maybe they went too hard with the whole disciplined & learning angle because on-screen its like some random people are wearing scrubs and doing medical stuff.

Code Blue comparisons to Grey’s Anatomy

“… A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible. One day, four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally.”  –Fuji TV

code blue season 2

I did enjoy watching the team of young doctors (flight doctors-in-training) trying to perfect their craft and work together in season 1. Code Blue stars popular Yampai and my favourite Toda Erika. The supporting characters made it a well-rounded medical drama: nurses, pilot, flight doctor (mentors) and of course the patients.  I never got around to watching the SP or 2nd season. Many scenes were shot with a real helicopter so the only cheesy part is the ketchup-water blood.

code blue heli

aparoo says 3/5 for action, human & medical drama

Viewer Rant (not review)

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Season 1
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Season 1 & SP: MySoju // Dramacrazy
Season 2: MySoju // Dramacrazy

If Toda Erika wasn’t in this series I wouldn’t have even finished the first season. Toda Erika pics

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Takaoka Sousuke tweets, I hope Miyazaki Aoi beeps (me, holla!)

Takaoke Sousuke is making headlines. He ranted on Twitter about hating the fact that Korean shows air on Japanese networks — even saying he changes the channel at those times. Then he got fired and apparently his film career is now over (filmography). But why stop there, when you can pull a Charlie Sheen? He then set up a personal blog to put his opinions in context and provide more. I’m not necessarily ragging on the guy, I read the English translation of his blog and its not like he’s insane. Although he does have some issues which he talks about — blaming South Korean media coverage of him years ago for leading him to a suicide attempt etc..  See the links below for the full story / blogs.

Japan Probe – source/story

Takaoka Sousuke – official blog
Tokyo Hive – English translation

I remember him from the controversial movie Battle Royale (I didn’t like the sequel) which was based on what some called the “most controversial book of the century”. I liked the movie, as it was an early taste of graphic content (strong subject matter, violence, gore etc) via Japanese cinema for me — Suicide Club also comes to mind. I figured the controversial Battle Royale was worth mentioning seeing as how his comments and now written opinions have become news/ controversial. Like with most opinions, some agree and some disagree and that’s the case here — especially with what he thinks about with a coverup to the Fukushima radiation: Korean TV dramas to use up airtime & biased news.

“Although his mainstream entertainment career seems to be finished, his vocal denunciation of the mainstream media, hatred of Korean dramas, and support of Fukushima conspiracy theories has made him extremely popular on the internet. Perhaps he’s looking to make a new career for himself in the nationalist or conspiracy theorist niche markets?” – Japan Probe

He’s probably more recently known for the Crows ZERO movies and TV dramas such as Rookies – which I ‘m still meaning to watch.

For me the underlining story is that he has a hot wife (oh and she’s a famous Japanese actress) and because he first directly and now indirectly is dragging her into a huge mess their marriage may be on the rocks.Score!

Miyazaki Aoi.

aparoo says I hope they split up, I want some Aoi!

Edit: some protests have been taking place against Fuji TV in agreement with Takaoka’s comments.Videos here