House of Cards (Netflix) – Series Premiere Trailer


Kevin Spacey & Kate Mara on the same screen? I’m sold. The Netflix Original Series, House of Cards (2013), is a political thriller and dramatic-looking one at that. Spacey helped developed the series and also stars in it as a politician vying to be President and run Washington. It is also an adaptation from a previous BBC miniseries (1990), fictionally set post-Margaret Thatcher.

House of Cards (2013) – full cast

kevin-spacey-house of cards

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Femme Feature: American Horror Story (TV) — Kate Mara

kate mara ahs

Whether she’s your assistant or psychotic mistress, she’s hot. I’ve been following one of this fall’s biggest hits, American Horror Story (FX), and Kate Mara is stealing the show! Notice how her screen-time has gradually increased? I also happened to re-watch Entourage season 6 this past weekend and was pleasantly surprised when I remembered that it was the season that she is introduced into the show.

kate mara entourage

So who is E’s hottest assistant? More pics of Kate @ Battle of the Assistants: “Entourage” style


kate mara ahs premiere fx


aparoo says, yes I dig her sometimes lazy eye — reminds me of Lucy Liu

kate mara 1

Kate Mara pic in Esquire

Femme Feature: Battle of the Assistants: “Entourage” style


With the series finale of Entourage (HBO) approaching I’ve been getting a bit nostalgic and thinking hard about favourite characters, scenes, seasons etc. Question of the night:


  • Jane (Season 5 to Season 6 Episode 4) (Assistant for Murphy Group) played by Beverly Sanders
  • Brittany (Season 6 Episode 7 to Season 7) (Assistant at MBMC) played by Kate Mara
  • Jennie (Season 7 to present) (Assistant at Murphy Lavin Group) played by Janet Montgomery

Beverly Sanders turned 71 this month (congrats!), but I will just keep the debate between Kate Mara and Janet Montgomery.

Kate Mara

kate mara 1

kate mara 3

kate mara 2

kate mara 2 maxim kate mara 4

Fan Site 1 2 3

Janet Montgomery

Janet Montgomery 1

Janet Montgomery 2

Janet Montgomery 4 Janet Montgomery 3

Janet Montgomery 5Janet Montgomery 7Janet Montgomery 6


Even with the TV series-era ending I am hopeful that we will see Janet Montgomery as E’s assistant Jennie in the confirmed up-coming Entourage movie(s).

aparoo says next week: Who is Eric’s Hottest Girlfriend?

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The creator, producers, cast and especially the fans are set on an Entourage movie — so lets do it!