Regretful (Poem)


Skeletons hang from hangers
In some sort of insane order
Dangling delicately downward
Facing their own directions

In a closet home to them all
Where boxes flood the floor
Full of past forgotten memory
Sealed without air holes

As a top shelf weighs heavily
Stacks higher to the ceiling
With culminating misfits
As permanent room to hoard

Untouched and forever unseen
Because the bulb is fused
So the light remains off
When the switch is on

But the door stays open
Unable to close shut
The closet stretches out
Into the main room

A stench bothers to linger
While the closet remains

Copyright © amarmirch |

Go to Sleep (Poem)

The same dream every night,
That this night is the very last
Into the sheets that seal fate
In a room forever vacant
Dreading would confirm fear

Somehow patience prevails,
The mind calmly awaits
With open arms, wide open
An embraced doom to come
No challenge exists here

Lying down is not accepting
Accepting is not always right
Wrong may be redeemable
Purposeful accidents happen,
Whatever happened, happened

No more playing on words
The honest truth shows up
A knock on the door, faint
Messages decode themselves
Sleep is no death

Copyright © amarmirch |

Spin the Bottle (Poem)

The answers point somewhere in particular
Like what results from spinning the bottle
You are lead in that direction so you follow
Few questions arise because there is a cost

Second guessing is not a natural occurrence
Your wires are all programmed differently
Out of your way is impossible; its improbable
No help to the old lady crossing the street

These doors will not hold themselves open
Status quo gives no extra miles on the map
Content with the only comfort you know
A pretty bow on top does not change insides

A masquerade of faces only disguise a night
Concealed weapons still hold great intent
Unsharpened pencils have lost all purpose
You remain far too proud to ask for help

The unfortunate downfall of man is himself
Why use the stairs when there is an elevator?
Most live without a true freedom, no luxury
Always question what is already answered

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