A Promise (2013)

a promise

I don’t think the said promise came into play until the second half of the film. The profound sense of a promise encompassing the entire story and the outcome hinging on it was simply not present. This period drama seemed to span infinitely and aimlessly. The visuals, costumes and setting was all very apparent and nice to look at. But the matter was slow and there was no passionate build up; there was no passion therein after either. Alan Rickman’s shadow of a man, Germany and the war were like after thoughts while the main stage had Rebecca Hall and Richard Madden playing a long and boring game of “let’s not really flirt but let the room build up with sexual tension — or hope the viewers imagine it”. Drama yes, romantic no. I love subtle and quiet romance too, but this was not it.

Resurrection (Poem)


Push up and out of the ground that buried deep
Brush aside the dirt that made insides weep
Uncover where traction was lost and fell steep
Recover life to body from where it seeps

Collect scattered thoughts that give a voice
Direct true intentions to the top by hoist
Make stride where once sluggish towards choice
Take time to reflect and aim future rejoice

Spurn negatives by deciding what to keep
Return to devouring fate taking a giant leap
Unhand a bottomless pit and its power to reap
Stand above all else never again to sleep

Surge into the new day with the old to enhance
Splurge at every breath from a second chance
Install revival throughout mental stance
Recall that death once held false romance

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Movie Review: Hello Schoolgirl (2008) – Korean Movie

hello schoolgirl cover

Age differences in relationships, a sometimes taboo yet very real circumstance and topic of charming exploration in Hello Schoolgirl. The film is cleverly a hybrid of romance, comedy and seriousness — all of which complement each other throughout. With a cross between romcom and seriocom, Hello Schoolgirl does not throw age, love, or relationships into your face. Instead, each character in each of the two relationships in the story are given an equal playground and chance at being the viewer’s protagonist(s). Somehow, young or old, male or female, a happy ending for everyone is sought.


“At the unexpected moments and to the unexpected partners, they start their love affairs with awkward gestures but special relationship…” (KMBd)

While the film ‘deals’ with age gaps (adulthood/teen etc), it’s more about the opposites which attract that are not measured by years and numbers. It’s more about a 30 year old grown up man living as a low-level civil servant and an 18 year old (young) school girl with a youthful outlook and approach to things — and the connection they make towards one another and feelings that begin to develop (awkwardness, consequences and rewards). It’s also about a 22 year old guy going forward, of the same civil office, who falls hard for a 29 year old woman caught in her past. So, it’s about finding a common ground, pursuing feelings (or not), and reciprocation.

hello school girl comic

The cast and characters for that matter are diverse and the chemistry is unquestionable. Each character is distinguished with their individual characterizations and dignities, and in their ‘awkward’ love pairs the characterizations truly shine through. This is a movie about people. About attraction, connection, relations and yes of course, love. Chae Jung-Ahn (“Cain & Abel”) is my biased bombshell favourite as she never ceases to disappoint in her acting ability. Director Jang-ha Ryu’s gentle but not too delicate, serious but not overbearing and romantic but not too mushy approach is appreciated as he adapted a popular webcomic by Kang Full into Hello Schoolgirl.

hello school girl chae

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Cast: Yoo Ji-Tae // Lee Yeon-Hee // Kang-in  // Chae Jung-Ahn

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