Penny Dreadful (Showtime) — Season 1 Preview


The horror genre is filling up. The Walking Dead and American Horror Story lead the pack. Big networks are dabbling with Hannibal and Constantine. The new wave includes Z Nation, The Strain and Penny Dreadful. The latter has a trifecta balance of drama, thrill and horror. Plus a star-studded cast to boot: Timothy Dalton, enough said. Also Eva Green and Josh Hartnett. The history, fiction and overall British context make it a great world and setting to dive into. Characters come to life, origins are explored and the horror ensues.

Hemlock Grove (NETFLIX) – Season 2


Binge festers prepare, Hemlock Grove debuts its second season on Netflix. This horror supernatural thriller has plenty more murderous violence and small-town mystery for fans to uncover. It is far from True Blood‘s story and American Horror Story‘s horror and more like their mutant offspring. If you like slow mystery, light horror and a whole lot of bizarre then check it out, maybe even binge it.


As a Netflix Original Series, all episodes will be released together on July 11th.

Season 2 Character Posters

Orphan Black (BBC) – Series Premiere Preview

orphan black bbc america

Orphan Black is Canada’s latest science fiction creation and second original series from BBC America after Copper. The series premiere was met with mixed reviews as is anything in the diverse yet often repetitive and unoriginal world of sci-fi. *Spoiler: It’s about clones. Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah, who is portrayed as criminal who learns she is a clone.. or is the original and has been cloned? We don’t know yet. The pilot came across more of an action-thriller-drama with a mystery/sci-fi climax. Unlike a lot of reviewers, I thought this was the perfect introduction and it made me think of Dark Angel for the character and Fringe for the conspiracy right away. I’m sure the sci-fi will be less of an undertone and more of the dominant force throughout the series as we follow the storyline.

Orphan Black – Trailer #1

A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her
and falls headlong into a deadly mystery. (IMDb)

Orphan Black – Trailer #2

Orphan Black – Opening Scene


Orphan Black – Official Site